EECS 370: Intro to Computer Organization
The University of Michigan, Spring 2021

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We are looking forward to having you join us for the spring semester! Attendance is not required for lectures (recordings will be made available afterwards), however live attendance is required for your registered discussion section. Make sure that you can attend the section you are enrolled in.

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Windows ,Linux

Prof. Jon "Yo Teach" Beaumont


Ask me about : Doing undergrad through PhD at Michigan, making Neopolitan pizza from scratch, running triathlons, quantum computing

CLion on MacOS, Ubuntu

Alexandra Saavedra


Ask me about : Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Double Majoring, Machine Learning, Art/Creativity, Music, Boxing, Rock climbing, Internships, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

VSCode on Windows, Ubuntu, CAEN Linux, MacOS

Thomas Mason Nelson (Mason)


Ask me about :EECS 482, Texas, CoE Honors, Eagle scout, Minors in Math and Latin, Graduating early, video games (racing, fighter, battle royale), Michigan Cru, dual booting, Mazda 3, Texas again (yeehaw)

XCode, CLion, Vim on MacOS

Daniel Liu


Ask me about : Anything in 370, designing my own programming languages, doing a dual degree, Minecraft, Starcraft II, why virtual memory is the best part of 370