EECS 370: Intro to Computer Organization

The University of Michigan, Fall 2021

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Lecture Slides & Prerecorded Lectures & Worksheets

Lectures 1, 2, & 3
1571 GGBL 9:00 - 10:30 Tue & Thu
1060 FMCRB 12:00 - 1:30 Tue & Thu
1060 FMCRB 1:30 - 3:00 Tue & Thu

Lectures 4 & 5
220 CHRYS 3:00 - 4:30 Tue & Thu
1013 DOW 4:30 - 6:00 Tue & Thu


Discussion Slides


Project 1

Assembler, Simulator, and Assembly-Language Multiplication

Project 2

Assembler, Linker, and Assembly-Language Recursive Function

Project 4

Due 11:55 PM EDT, Tuesday, December 7th
Cache Simulator


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Lingjia Tang


Ask me about : Computer Architecture, Compiler and Runtime, Datacenter systems, Conversational AI, startups, fund raise/VC

Satish Narayanasamy


Ask me about : Research in architecture, systems and programming languages, grad school, start-ups, DNA sequencing, hiking, ...

Trevor Mudge


Ask me about : Research in architecture, fabricating chips and new technology, grad school, start-ups.

MacOS, Linux, VSCode

Nishil Talati


Ask me about : Research in computer architecture, grad school, and travelling

Jonathan Bailey


Ask me about : The joys of bicycling (when you peddle faster, you go faster!), movies (and why Metacritic is a better review aggregator than Rotten Tomatoes), and podcasts.

Windows, Linux, VSCode

Yichen Yang


Ask me about : Computer architecture, Foods

K. Faryab Haye


Ask me about : *Cats*, anime, cooking, table tennis, advice for Math and CS classes, imposter syndrome, doing well in EECS 370, pursuing a double major, getting CS Internships, thinking about Grad School vs Full Time SWE roles, Machine Learning roles in the Industry

Linux, VSCode, vim

Pedram Zamirai


Ask me about : Traveling, Grad School, Neural Networks

CLion on MacOS, Ubuntu

Alexandra Saavedra


Ask me about : Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Double Majoring, Machine Learning, Art/Creativity, Music, Boxing, Rock climbing, Internships, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

VSCode on Windows, Ubuntu, CAEN Linux, MacOS

Thomas Mason Nelson (Mason)


Ask me about :CoE Honors & Capstone, Minors in Math and Latin, Graduating early, CoD Warzone, Michigan Cru, dual booting Windows/Mac and Windows/Ubuntu, being in a band, Texas

XCode, CLion, Vim on MacOS

Daniel Liu


Ask me about : Anything in 370, designing my own programming languages, doing a dual degree, Minecraft, Starcraft II, why virtual memory is the best part of 370

MacOS and XCode

Ben Puzycki


Ask me about : TV Shows, hiking in Michigan, National Parks, the card game SET, best (cheap) food in AA, thriving on a Trader Joes frozen food diet

Windows, Linux, VSCode

Maximos Nolan


Ask me about : Dual Degrees and work life balance, Internships, Collegiate League of Legends, IEEE on campus involvement, Investing in the stock market, Mountain Climbing, building your own PC, Tennis, Greek Food, Machine Learning, Working on HPA storage infrastructure, electric skateboards, and why binding tilde (~) to shift makes coding 100% easier.

MacOS and XCode

Yumeng Bai


Ask me about : Bubble tea, baking, travelling, learning languages. Greek life, transfer student, international student, imposter syndrome

MacOS and XCode

Sarah Fayyad


Ask me about : Traveling, TikTok, Food, Pop Culture, Art, Fashion, Thrifting, Music, Baking, Volleyball, TV Shows, Bubble Tea, Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

VSCode on Windows and MacOS

Rajiv Parimi


Ask me about : Dual degrees, taking 281 and 370 together, sports, outdoors

VSCode on Windows and MacOS

Mohamed Qasem


Ask me about : Computer Science, taking 370 with 281, cs courses, hiking, sports

VSCode on Windows and Ubuntu

James Gu


Ask me about : internships/recruiting, pre-med track, music, swimming, tennis, fast food, and poker

VSCode on MacOS

Mahalakshmi Iyer


Ask me about : Hiking, Traveling, Working in Big Tech, Internships, ULCS classes, TV Shows, podcasts, Music, Regulatory Finance, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

VSCode and Visual Studio on Windows

Nathan Kubczak


Ask me about : Saving your wrists by using VIM, internships, imposter syndrome, ukulele, juggling, music, ULCS options, and algorithmic trading

VSCode, Xcode, and Sublime on MacOS

Manan Manchanda


Ask me about : Business minor, golf, football, tech consulting, AWS

VSCode, Vim, emacs, Sublime on Linux and MacOS

Sunny Nayak


Ask me about : Soccer, Traveling, Music, Michigan Basketball, DIY Projects, Running, Breaking 20+ Bones, Business Minor, Robotics, Why to Stop Using `#pragma once`

VSCode and Vim on Windows, Ubuntu

Christian Ghoubrial


Ask me about : My internship at Intel, Michigan Football/Basketball, video games, electronic/alternative music, HKN (Michigan’s EECS Honor Society), living in NYC, streetwear, minoring in Physics

vim on WSL

Robert Burke


Ask me about : Math Double Major, Running, Cooking, Mountain Biking, Ultimate Frisbee, Piano (not classical)

VSCode on Windows, XCode on MacOS

Kevin Choong


Ask me about : Drums, Singing, Malaysia, Malaysian food, Coding habits, EECS worries, Rhythm games, Competitive FPS games, EECS Classes.

XCode on MacOS

Viroshan Narayan


Ask me about : Math minor, Biking, Enjoying the outdoors, Piano, Cars, Why driving manual is better than automatic

vscode on windows

Nicole Lam


Ask me about : Basketball, drawing, filming, editing, China Macau, my dog Coffee (inu shiba), different ways to cook eggs

vscode on windows

Jack Hong


Ask me about : Why you should rebind caps lock to control and good courses to take after 370