EECS 370: Intro to Computer Organization
The University of Michigan, Winter 2021


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MacOS, Windows ,Linux

Prof. Jason Mars


Ask me about : Scalable systems for AI and NLP, having impact with ideas and inventions, entrepreneurship and starting highly technical companies, all things React, Django, Kubernetes, doing world class research.

Prof. Reetu Das


Ask me about : Accelerating your code/hardware, how to sequence your DNA and ultra-rapid COVID diagnosis, research and grad school, starting startups, world trotting, travelling, being an academic mama, restaurants and recipes!

MacOS, Linux

Prof. Dreslinksi


Ask me about : 1st Generation College Student, research in chip design and manufacturing, what it was like being a student when Michigan won a NCAA football National Championship

Windows, Linux

Hershal Satam


Ask me about : Teaching this class 6 times, IA/GSI-ing in EECS, SUGS, CS classes, personal projects, video games, movies, Hamilton, hiking, why Bloodborne is one of the greatest pieces of art of the past decade (seriously), dealing with imposter syndrome


Official 370 Mascot

Ask me about : meow

Leul Wuletaw Belayneh


Ask me about : Grad School, Graphs, Soccer, Swimming, East Africa/Ethiopia

Salar Latifi


Ask me about : Deep learning, road trips, camping/hiking, cooking, pets

Jonathan Bailey


Ask me about : The joys of bicycling (when you peddle faster, you go faster!), movies (and why Metacritic is a better review aggregator than Rotten Tomatoes), and podcasts.

K. Faryab Haye


Ask me about : Cats, Anime, cooking!, table tennis, advice for Math and CS classes, imposter syndrome, doing well in EECS 370, pursuing a double major, getting CS Internships, thinking about Grad School vs Full Time SWE roles.

MacOS, Linux

Yujia Xie


Ask me about : EECS Classes, Musical Instruments (Piano, Ukulele, Mbira…...)

MacOS, Windows

Kevin Choong


Ask me about : Drums, Singing, Penang Malaysia, Southeast Asian food, Coding habits, EECS worries, Rhythm games, Competitive FPS games, Favorite places on campus, EECS Classes

Linux, Windows

James Gu


Ask me about : internships/recruiting, pre-med track, music, swimming, tennis, fast food, and poker

Mahalakshmi Iyer


Ask me about : Traveling, Soccer, Music, Adventure sports, Internships/Recruiting, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Coffee

Nicole Lam


Ask me about : Basketball, drawing, filming, editing, China Macau, my dog Coffee (inu shiba), different ways to cook eggs

Ubuntu, Windows

Ben (or "Bean") Manley


Ask me about : Miami/Florida, Engineering Design Teams (Hyperloop or RoboSubmarine), Filmmaking, Photoshop, Internships/Recruiting

MacOS, Ubuntu

Alexandra Saavedra


Ask me about : Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Double Majoring, Machine Learning, Art/Creativity, Music, Boxing, Rock climbing, Internships, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows

Thomas Mason Nelson (Mason)


Ask me about : Texas, CoE Honors, Eagle scout, Minors in Math and Latin, Graduating early, video games (racing, fighter, battle royale), Michigan Cru, dual booting, Mazda 3, Texas again (yeehaw)

Daniel Liu


Ask me about : Anything in 370, designing my own programming languages, doing a dual degree, Minecraft, Starcraft II, why virtual memory is the best part of 370

Linux and i3wm

Jack Hong


Ask me about : Why you should rebind caps to control (It’s comfy). I also have taken the following ULCS courses : 482, 373, 388.

Abigail Fox


Ask me about : knitting, discovering pokemon as an adult, running, national parks, backpacking

Benjamin Puzycki


Ask me about : Good hikes in Michigan, baking, coffee, managing time, good food in AA, investing in a comfy office chair, why toaster ovens are great, the card game SET